Ministries Guests of Honor

Missionary Evaristo De Oliveira

  • Founder of 4 churches in Brazil
  • Leader council of more than 20 churches pastors
  • Pionner of Revival  at Rio Janeiro in Brazil
  • International Missionary since 1984, and located in iatly with hundreeds of churches visited and blessed by his Ministry of delivrance
  • Official representor of AOG Church Federation from Brazil for European mission
  • Signs and wonders fallowing  the preaching of Good News.
  • Notable miracles taking place and demons cast out with authority and Holy Ghost power.

Apostle Evaristo De Oliveira was chosen and set by God Jesus-Christ to help Pastor Peter Spataro to developp the local Church in France by seminars campmeetings  


We are so thankful to God,

We cherish the frendship, the help, the training and the Apostlship of our dearest and beloved brother, Pastor Evaristo De Oliveira.


Much blessing upon Him and his precious family !


From my heart



Pastor of House of Prayer Church

President Founder of LMDP International Ministry


Evangelists Frank & Karen SUMRALL


FRANCE, in July 2015, we had the grace to welcome their precious Ministry, for a special time of outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Impartation of God prophectic anointing.

Gift of Wisdom and prophecy in operation !


What a powerful blessing ! What an Honor,  what a priviledge, what a great Joy for us  !


We want to thank and  bless  Drs Frank and Karen Sumrall , for their  profound  and genuine love toward us, with such kindness.

What an exemple of Faith, integrity and devotion to the cause of the Gospel of our Lord Jésus-Christ, they are !

We are so thankful to God, our Heavenly Father and we give Him the Glory for this precious Ministry.


Drs Frank and Karen SUMRALL are definitly part of our family , and of our spiritual LEGACY




We want to take the time to honor the memory

of the late father of Frank SUMRALL,

Dr Lester SUMRALL, a Famous world evangelist,

a powerful man of Faith and Integrity.

A Tribute to Dr Lester SUMRALL  is here available.


With deep affection, we express our thankfulness

to God for Dr Lester SUMRALL Legacy and Ministry





Pastor of House of Prayer Church

President Founder of LMDP International Ministry