Revival means Change !



Revival brings change !


How ?


By believing the Cross !


By the blood of the Lamb !


Not by the giving money !


The giving of money can not buy the love of God, but it can help to spread the message of the cross.


Obidience is better than Sacrifice. No money can buy the Love of God.


So generosity is an act of Love, not of interest.


This genuine generosity God will always bless.


But generosity will never replace the blood and the cross of Jesus !


In 2004 God told me:


When I encouraged generosity, by performing signs and wonders, it was to break the love of money, selfishness, cupidity, and unbelief upon my people


but it was not in my mind that my servants starts to replace " the blood is sufficient doctrine " by the "sawing seed doctrine"


Now blessings, healings, miracles, breakthrough came by works, by giving money ...


A demon doctrine arose and attacked the Grace , insulting the Cross and the precious blood of the Lamb Jesus ! Bringing deception to the Church of the living God !


Making fell guilty those who don't give 10 % and offerings...


And condemning them !


In the middle Age, Luther fight this vatican demon doctrine which commercialise Salvation.

And Luther preached Salvation by Grace through Faith.


But salvation means too : blessings, healings, miracles, breakthrough ....everythings !


Today, with Jesus mandate, my mission is now, once again, to call the Reform :


Calling precious and beloved Revivalist, Ministries, Chruches, to adjust and help them to do it,


with the demonstration of power by the Spirit of Truth, and in the Love of God !


Not by condemning them !


Now, God is stopping this mess !


And calling back his Holy Chruch in the Grace of the Blood of the Lamb !


To be ready for the return of Jesus the Messia !


Yes for true generosity !


Yes for being , blessed, and saved by Grace through Faith in the final work of Jesus Christ at the Cross !


Let us reastablish the truth, the Cross Revelation !


Let us bless ministries and churches !


Amen !