The WORD OF GOD SAYS : 2 Corinthiens 9:7

Each person should give as much as he himself has decided to give

in his heart, let him do after the purpose of his heart,

according his free will. He should not give because he has to give or under manipulation and pression or in a compulsiv way.

He should not give if he does not really want to give with a willing and generous heart .

Because God loves, a giver who is really happy to give, yes God takes pleasure in the cheerful giver.


"Because the only money you really keep forever ,

is the one you use to bless others with ! "

Ev. G. Peter SPATARO


Become Partner with one dollar gift per month !


A one Year covenant !

After 12 months, after one year, it will end automaticly and you can freely renew your covenant support  each year.


By a simple act of Faith in a offering that seems ridiculous to the "human mind", God Jesus can shake the mountains, cities, nations !


If 100 000  faithful commited people of faith, give one dollars each month, you can imagine how much it can help us to do a tremendous and wonderful work !

We can devolopp  our charity department, media propagation of Gospel, local churches, discipleship of the believers, visit and prayers to the sick personn, make criminality and violence decrease, cure our society !


Your " little " and faithful step of faith and love can make the difference and create a mighty impact for the Gospel in our generation , our society


Together we can saves souls , change the World , increase the Good, reverse the curse !


Pastor G. Pierre SPATARO

President of  LMDP International

" International  House of Prayer "


Why being in Partnership Covenant


  • You have been touched by JESUS-CHRIST through LMDP Team and Church
  • You believe in our call and our ministry
  • You want to see a Great Awakening in France , Europe and Nations 
  • You want to be a part of it
Then we encourage you to become a Covenant Partner with LMDP International.

Covenant partnership is a Bible principle.

When you enter into a partnership with this ministry and you give into the spreading of the Gospel, you activate a spiritual principle of sowing, reaping, and blessing in your own life. What you make room for, will make room for you.

When you make room for God business; the God makes room for your business !


By blessing the ministry, you make room for God to bless you and provide for you.

The Lord promises us that He sees and rewards every good thing we do, motivated by a pure heart. When you become financial partner with LMDP International, you will receive reward in heaven for the many souls saved and blessed and lives changed through us !

It was never God's intention for a man or woman to stand alone.

He made us a body, with many parts, and the mandate to work together and flow together to see nations shaken for the Kingdom of God. We each have our place and our function in the Body of Christ. We must have a Kingdom of God vision and mentality, not a

"my kingdom only "  mentality ! As we stand together, each doing our part, we will see revival fires spread over the globe, into every family, every tribe, and every nation.

As the Church stands up to take its place, together, we will see a Great Awakening!

It is our heart's desire to see each of you walk in all that God has for you. As you partner with us, sowing into Revival, we pray that Revival will come to your house. That means a fresh wind will blow in your life, fresh fire will come to your family, and clear direction and uncommon favor become yours, wherever you go and whatever you do.

We pray that the blessing of God, which is on our life, will come on yours.

As partners, you are vital to this ministry and we are committed to you.

We love you and pray for you daily. We honor your commitment to join us and we stand in faith with you for God's anointing to work mightily in your life.

We invite any who are not already partners with us to join our LMDP family and take advantage of the blessings and benefits of covenant partnership.


Become a Monthly Partner

Pastor G. Pierre SPATARO

President of  LMDP International

" International  House of Prayer "


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Tax informations

All donations you make in favor of LMDP - HOUSE OF PRAYER, are tax deductible as we are a Non-Profit Association.
Keep your receipt and printy your "PayPal transaction" the justification of your Online Donation Offring, it might be required by your Country Tax Services.

On your Email request by mentioning your identity and the date of your Donation,

We can also provide and send you by Email the certificate attestation of the Offering done by Banking Transfers and by Checks only.