To open the eyes of the blind, to set the captives free, and to preach the season of Grace mercy and forgiveness of the sin for whoever wants a changed heart, a changed life !


I still believe there are people , just like you, who are sick and tired of sin, and want to end with abomination, pornography, lies, violence, alcohol, drugs, depression, oppression, bondage !


I know that there is no real true and lasting satisfaction in sin !

God tells us that there is no life in sin but death :

The Eternal life ( satisfaction, indwelling great feeling to be alive ) is a free gift of love from the heart of God, Which is Jesus.

But the wages, the result of practicing sin is death(condemnation and the indwelling feeling of emptiness, to feel alone, without reason to live and no satisfaction to be alive on the Earth)

Rom 6:23


You lost your dignity, your self control ...

You have fallen so far, so deep, that you want to die, so much you hate yourself !

So you commit suicide, slowly with drugs or alcohol, violence or pornography ...

You went so far in sin that you can't resist the thoughts of abomination you have...

You just do it ...

What a terrible place to be...

but there is hope for you my friend !

First of all ...Jesus loves you !


Do you understand me !

Jesus God loves you !




You think : How can this be ?

But it is !

Oh yes it is !

Even if you don't feel it or understand it, you are precious for the One who created you !


God loves you,


Son !


Daughter !


Cause he gave you life, fashioned you in the womb of your precious mother, gives you breath right now !


Your existence is of Him ...


He knows what you are doing with your body, and what you're doing with your mind !


He can set you free !


Today he offers you, a new biginning !

A new chance !

A change !

A turning point !


Do you want to be forgiven and washed with my blood ?


So then, let your hearts be changed and be turned to God, so that your sins may be completely taken away, and times of blessing may come from the Lord;

Acts 3:19


My Child !

Come back Home !


Yes, I'm here, and I'm calling you right now, to give me your life, open your heart to me !

Let me enter in !

Cleanse you and wash you, with my Precious Almighty and Pure Blood !


The choice is yours !

But my Love is real !

Yes! real ... !


I can save you ! You are not too bound, too deep in sin, too far, that I can not save you and help you !

If you want to, this is the day of your salvation !

Just Believe it !

Only Believe me !


Now pray to me in this way :



God almighty forgive me!

Come into my heart !

I ask you to save me, deliver me from sin, satan, lies, oppression, depression, curse, and hell !

Lord I receive you !

And with all my heart I call upon your Name ! Jesus !

I accept you !

I receive you !

I give you my life !

I give you my heart !

Forever !

I forgive everyone who has hurt me !

I forgive others as you forgave me !

I receive your love , and I give your love to others !


Thank you Father for saving me !

In JESUS Name !

Thank you so much for giving me a pure and clean, new heart, to love and bless my enemies, and walk in Love , in holiness, and purity, like you with You, in You JESUS !

Amen !


My friend, I welcome you into the Family of God !

Beloved sister, beloved brother, you have just been saved by Jesus blood !

Jesus Name !

Jesus Love !

This a new day !

A new beginning !

You are not alone anymore ! Jesus is with you !


I encourage you to read the Word of God ! The Bible !

Be refreshed, and connected with the mind of JESUS !

The holy Scripture ! Amen !

On a daily basis ! Amen !


Find people who have experienced salvation just like you !

People of Faith, love, and purity !


Be baptize in the Jesus Name !

And you shall receive the Holy Spirirt of Jesus Christ !


Walk with Jesus, and be careful, cause the christian evangelic world is like a jungle !

But I know that the Lord will keep you and lead you to good people, Good Pastors, holy, clean, pure !!!!


Enjoy your salvation !

Enjoy Jesus !

You are free !


If you want to let us know about your miracle of Salvation, write to us.

We will rejoice with you !

In Jesus God's Name !